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LigoPTP 6-25 RapidFire

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The LigoPTP RapidFire 6-N is a wireless outdoor PTP bridge for long-distance heavy-duty backhaul and industrial networks. It offers a 1.2GHz CPU, a 30dBm radio, IP67 casing, 2.4MHz management radio, and the W-Jet proprietary protocol delivering 700+Mbps of throughput over 200,000+PPS. The 6-N works over the 6GHz band, allowing users to find less-crowded channels, experience zero noise and interference, and reach greater range and throughput.

700 Mbps capacity
200,000 PPS
5.900 – 6.400 GHz support
High output power 30 dBm radio
Integrated 25dBi Directional Panel Antenna
Proprietary W-Jet 5 protocol optimized for point-to-point scenario
Weather proof (IP-67 rated) design
Integrated surge protection (IEC standards rated)

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