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LigoDLB 6-90ac

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Equipped with a 750MHz QCA 9563 CPU, a QCA 9882 radio, and 64MB RAM/16MB Flash Memory, the LigoDLB 6-90ac brings efficiency to the next level.

The state-of-the-art RF design with an integrated 18dBi dual-polarized 90° sector antenna delivers great output power, improves range, and enables high-capacity transmission over 256-QAM.

+500Mbps of throughput—the result of a powerful hardware platform with an 802.11ac technology-based radio and the LigoWave iPoll 3 Proprietary Protocol.


5.900 – 6.400 GHz support
500Mbps+ capacity
High power (30 dBm) radio
Proprietary protocol (iPoll)
Zero loss design
Integrated surge protection
Integrated 18dBi Dual-Polarized 90° Sector Antenna

1 x 1000 Base-T (passive PoE 24V)

Coverage Recommendations
4 km (2.49mi)

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