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Baicells – NOVA246


Baicells Nova-246 series is an outdoor LTE TDD dual carrier (DC) eNodeB with 2*20 watts output power. It is a low cost and easy-to-install eNodeB, which integrates frequency radio unit and baseband in one box, minimizing location requirements. It can help operators to provide greater coverage and higher capacity with minimal effort, realizing data access for wireless broadband (WBB) and mobile broadband (MBB) networks.

The Baicells Nova246 is a powerful outdoor dual carrier eNodeB (eNB) with 2x20W output power – that’s 2×2 MIMO with 20 Watts per channel housed in one unit. Using two 2-port antennas or one 4-port antenna with one Nova246 in split mode not only increases capacity but enables economical wireless broadband access in challenging locations.  Take, for example, a small rural community surrounded by mountains, with homes and businesses along a narrow valley corridor. Two 180° sectors facing opposite directions and attached to Nova-246 provides a “butterfly” coverage solution. The Nova246 eNB is based on the most prevalent high-speed wireless networking technology in the world today: Long-Term Evolution (LTE). It conforms to 3GPP standards and uses Time Division Duplexing (TDD) technology. Using Band 41, this eNB is a good choice for addressing non-line-of-sight (NLOS) challenges; it provides the power and LTE intelligence to help penetrate obstructions such as heavy foliage, tall buildings, and hilly terrain. In a later software upgrade, Nova246 will offer the option to operate in Carrier Aggregation (CA) mode. CA mode combines contiguous or non-contiguous channels into a single data channel (up to 40 MHz) for even greater capacity. The product comes with a standard one-year warranty; extended warranty is available.


Item NOVA246
Frequency Bands 41 and customized
Channel Bandwidth 10/15/20 MHz
MAX Output Power 43 dBm per carrier
MIMO DL: 2×2 per carrier
Peak Rate DL 110 Mbps, UL 14 Mbps
User Capacity 192 concurrent users total (96 concurrent users per carrier)
Synchronization GPS
Dimensions 17.3 x 9.5 x 4.7 inches 440 x 240 x 120 millimeters
Weight 26.5 lbs / 12 kg

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